Documenting the growth of Burner Culture beyond the Playa

This site is being set up to organize an exciting new documentary project; a collection of writings and photographs from the literally dozens of regional Burning Man events that have spread to virtually every corner of the globe, with the eventual goal of publishing a full length book on the subject.

None of the contributors, photographers or editors will be paid for their contributions, as 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Burners Without Borders and affiliated projects.

These regional events are a hitherto largely unexamined phenomenon, and we aim to change that.

As burner culture has begun to leave the Playa these events have become the focal points of our widely distributed family, and there are now many people who claim the title ‘burner’ who have never actually been to That Thing in The Desert. What does this shift mean for the future of the culture we are trying to build?

If you have photographs of a regional burn that you would like to contribute (or a written piece about Burner Culture), send a message to to get the ball rolling.

ALL photographs that have identifiable individuals must either have (or be able to get) a signed release in order to be published. Thank you.